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Greetings my dear ninjas! :)

This page promotes personal growth, optimism, increasing motivation and self-confidence. It is meant for all artistic people and the ones who find coloring relaxing. Sometimes you just need a few color pencils and a nice coloring page, which could be a simple doodle, mandala or zentangle, to get you through a hard moment in life. Maybe you need just a little bit of peace in this crazy world (or from energetic children :) ). I definitely needed some alone time and I found out that coloring makes me happy, relaxed and it even gives me energy to cope with everyday life. And my energetic children? Quite soon they started to ask me what I am doing and if they can cooperate. Shortly after that we created a new "art bonding", where we all set at the table coloring our own coloring pages.

I hope you will find a peace in coloring as well and build a stronger bond with your children. You can find a lot of free coloring pages on my website, for adults and for children, which you can simply download, print it out and start coloring. And don't forget to share your art on Facebook and Instagram for others to see and to get inspiration.

In the meantime you can check our beautiful puzzles, read blog articles and stay tuned for new materials.

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Happy coloring!