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Adult coloring book Love and romance by Bourgeois

Review of coloring page

I recently bought a new coloring book Love and romance - coloring book anti-stress by Bourgeois from the local gift shop, which immediately took my attention. It is small enough to be packed wherever you go, it’s a nice black and white book with pastel pink and violet touches, it is hardback and a lot of hearts on the cover. Want to peek inside and learn more about it? :)


The first thing I noticed was the hardback. You don’t see a lot of hardback coloring books nowadays. It is perfect for traveling since you don’t need to worry about wrinkling it in your bag. The cover page is full of little black and white illustrations, some of them, including the main title, colored in pastel pink and violet colors. You don’t see abstract or sophisticated art on the cover. 

It is smaller than the usual coloring books. This means it’s only 20 x 20 cm (7.8 x 7.8 inches).

The first impression is that it’s a cute little coloring book.



The coloring book has 36 two-sided sheets, which means you get 72 coloring pages. The pages are quite thin, you can actually see through the illustration on the other side. So I didn’t even try coloring it with markers. I did color it with color pencils and it goes smoothly. The paper is good enough to see the true colors and it doesn’t go through to the next page.




Considering the name of the coloring book is Love and romance, there are a lot of lovely and romantic illustrations, like hearts, flowers and illustrations with “love” words. Some of them are very complex and detailed, so I’m not sure how to color those. I will try anyways with my simple color pencils and show you the result, so we’ll see how that goes :)

The illustrations are more or less zentangle style, with some of the line art as well. Check my article about different styles, if you are unfamiliar with those terms: https://coloring-art.ninja/post/coloring-page-zentangle-doodle-mandala-line-art/.

Few of them are full-page illustrations, including first and last 2 pages of the book. In the beginning, it has a cute illustrated heart with the caption: “This book belongs to… “ and two blank lines below it, which is a nice touch for a coloring book.




On the back of the coloring book, you can find the artist Bourgeois and the company “FRESH” LLC from Ukraine. After a quick google search, I found a lot of other coloring books from the same artist as well, but very little information about the artist itself.




In the local gift shop, I paid about 4 euro (4.5 USD) for the coloring book, although on the websites I found everything between 2 and 6 euros.


All in all, I like it a lot. The illustrations are nice, the quality is good enough for traveling, hardback rocks and it’s reasonably priced.

Let me know if you have any feedback or thought you want to share, or a proposal about what you want to see in the next review.

Happy coloring!

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