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Colorful Lanterns


Colorful lanterns create such a romantic and peaceful feeling. You can imagine immediately how you are seating in your backyard with your closest friends, drinking lemonade and talking about fun and personal things.

Lonely Lighthouse

Coloring page

I always love to get to the lighthouse, because it is always on the edge of the land with spectacular views. It feeds me up with freedom, serenity and peace. Enjoy our new coloring page!

Sunflowers Field


There is no summer without sunflowers. If there is a full field of sunflowers it's even better! :) Here is the new puzzle of beautiful and sunny sunflowers.

The mighty deer

Coloring page

When I see a deer, I always remember Disney's Bambi and the mighty prince of the forest. Here is a new coloring page of a mighty deer.

Happy coloring!

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